Janelle – Game recap from 8/14/13

The team’s 4th game in 11 days proved to be the end of the their undefeated streak, as they fell on the road by a score of 2-1.  With the first loss of the season, an undefeated streak of over 30 games came to an end.  The team’s last loss was early last season.  Quite an impressive run of success.

The flurry of games in the past couple weeks has allowed AU to catch up to the rest of the league for games played this season.  The outcome of the recent games has allowed them to build an 8 point lead in the league table.

Game_preview_081413_NL Game_recap_081413_au Game_recap_081413_NL Game_recap_081413_sw Game_recap_081413_yle

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