Janelle – Game Recap from 4/21/14

Janelle’s team was a 4-0 winner in today’s game.  At this point they are still in first place by one point.

Link to game recap –> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zzgeYuwGBs

Click the images below to enlarge for better viewing.


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Janelle – Game Recap from 4/13/14

Today’s game resulted in a 0-1 loss for Janelle’s team.  This is the teams first loss of this season.  This coupled with the 2nd place team’s victory, leaves Fortuna in first place by 1 point.


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Janelle – Game Recap from 3/30/14

Well, again dad is running late with trying to keep some information about Janelle’s games up to date.   She played her second league game with Fortuna on March 30, and the team came away with a 1-0 victory.

Here is a link to the game recap video –> http://kanalsport.dk/indslag/3f-liga-storspil-af-fortuna-hjorring-keeper-sikrede-sejren


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Janelle – Game Recap from 3/23/14

The season has gotten underway for Janelle and her new team Fortuna Hjorring.   The Danish league runs from July thru June, with a long break over the winter.   After bouncing around in different numbers for some of the friendly games, it looks like she has settled into being #6.

This past weekend was her debut with the team, and was a successful one.  Fortuna won 1-0 with Janelle scoring the lone goal.

I’m still learning where to find information on her games with the new team, but I’m finding some info.  Here are some links to video recaps of the game.  A couple contain an interview with Janelle.






Here is a link to the team’s website –> http://fodbold.fortunahjorringelite.dk/







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Janelle – New Team for 2014

After helping Aland United to the Finnish league championship for 2013, Janelle is embarking on a new journey into the Danish league.  She will be playing for Fortuna Hjorring, located in Hjorring Denmark.

Below is an image of the translated version of the news story that was on the team website.  Click the image to enlarge the article for reading.


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Janelle – 2013 Season Recap

Janelle has played the last 3 games of the season since my last update, winning the first 2 games then tying the last game of the season.  With the wins, this gave Aland United the gold medal in the league standings this year, qualifying the team to play in the UEFA Women’s Champions league next year.   Janelle scored 2 goals in one of the two wins.

Since I’m getting a late start on this entry, I’m not having much luck finding many of the game recaps that I usually make copies of.  Below is what I have found for the last three games, plus some photos of the final game and medal ceremony afterwards.

Game_recap_101913_au_2 Game_recap_101913_nl_2 Game_recap_101913_nl Game_recap_101913_au Game_recap_100513_sw Photo_15_2013 Photo_14_2013 Photo_13_2013 Photo_12_2013 Photo_11_2013 Photo_10_2013 Photo_9_2013

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Janelle – Game recap from 9/14/13

Today’s game was a rematch with the team that stopped AU’s unbeaten streak in their previous matchup.  AU was able to avenge that loss with a 2-0 road victory.  With 3 matches left in the season, AU is 1 victory (or 1 loss by the 2nd place team) away from securing the gold medal for the season.   The next match will be Oct. 5, as there is another break in the season.

Janelle didn’t score either goal today, but she must have played a great game, as she was named the Gold Medal player of the game.

Game_preview_091413_NL Game_preview_091413_nyan Game_recap_091413_aland Game_recap_091413_AlandRadio Game_recap_091413_au Game_recap_091413_nyan Game_recap_091413_yleGame_recap_091413_au_2

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Janelle – Game recap from 9/7/13

Today’s game marks the beginning of the final round of league play for this season.  This year the final round is being played differently than during Janelle’s two previous years in the league.   As opposed to playing all  9 of the other teams during the final round, this year the final round will consist of only 5 games, as the top 6 teams in the league standings will play each other.  The bottom 4 teams in the league standings will play against each other for their final round.

The team had an explosive start to the final round, as they scored a 7-0 victory at home.   This win coupled with the other games played today enabled the team to continue to lead the league table by 8 points.

Janelle was named the Silver Medal player of the game for the 2nd week in a row.

Game_preview_090713_NL Game_recap_090713_aland Game_recap_090713_AlandRadio Game_recap_090713_au Game_recap_090713_nyan Game_recap_090713_sw

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Janelle – Game recap from 8/31/31

After the flurry of games in early August, the team got a two week break prior to today’s match.  Today they got back on the winning track with a 7-2 victory on the home pitch.   They continue to sit atop the league table by a margin of 8 points.

Janelle did not happen to score any goals today, but was named the Silver Medal player of the game.

Game_preview_083113_NL Game_recap_083113_aland Game_recap_083113_au Game_recap_083113_NL Game_recap_083113_sw

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Janelle – Game recap from 8/14/13

The team’s 4th game in 11 days proved to be the end of the their undefeated streak, as they fell on the road by a score of 2-1.  With the first loss of the season, an undefeated streak of over 30 games came to an end.  The team’s last loss was early last season.  Quite an impressive run of success.

The flurry of games in the past couple weeks has allowed AU to catch up to the rest of the league for games played this season.  The outcome of the recent games has allowed them to build an 8 point lead in the league table.

Game_preview_081413_NL Game_recap_081413_au Game_recap_081413_NL Game_recap_081413_sw Game_recap_081413_yle

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