Janelle – 2013 Season Recap

Janelle has played the last 3 games of the season since my last update, winning the first 2 games then tying the last game of the season.  With the wins, this gave Aland United the gold medal in the league standings this year, qualifying the team to play in the UEFA Women’s Champions league next year.   Janelle scored 2 goals in one of the two wins.

Since I’m getting a late start on this entry, I’m not having much luck finding many of the game recaps that I usually make copies of.  Below is what I have found for the last three games, plus some photos of the final game and medal ceremony afterwards.

Game_recap_101913_au_2 Game_recap_101913_nl_2 Game_recap_101913_nl Game_recap_101913_au Game_recap_100513_sw Photo_15_2013 Photo_14_2013 Photo_13_2013 Photo_12_2013 Photo_11_2013 Photo_10_2013 Photo_9_2013

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