Janelle – Game recap from 9/7/13

Today’s game marks the beginning of the final round of league play for this season.  This year the final round is being played differently than during Janelle’s two previous years in the league.   As opposed to playing all  9 of the other teams during the final round, this year the final round will consist of only 5 games, as the top 6 teams in the league standings will play each other.  The bottom 4 teams in the league standings will play against each other for their final round.

The team had an explosive start to the final round, as they scored a 7-0 victory at home.   This win coupled with the other games played today enabled the team to continue to lead the league table by 8 points.

Janelle was named the Silver Medal player of the game for the 2nd week in a row.

Game_preview_090713_NL Game_recap_090713_aland Game_recap_090713_AlandRadio Game_recap_090713_au Game_recap_090713_nyan Game_recap_090713_sw

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